I have heard that to get things accomplished, you need to set a deadline.

When what you seek to accomplish is so grandeur, setting a time frame for what you seek to accomplish may be an impossible task.

Things accomplished already are easier to set a time frame for, because you’ve already done it, things that others have done, you can also set a time frame because you can gauge it with others that have completed such tasks.

Some people are able to keep goals without having to write them down, this is done by, first of all, knowing exactly what you want, second, staying on track to which you want on a daily basis.

As we have seen in the previous post, the study done by Harvard University proves that writing down goals makes it more likely that you are to achieve them.

The implication comes when you are to set a date for when to accomplish the said goals, and you don’t give the appropriate time it takes, it could prove to be a very stressful exercise.

It is true that when there is a deadline you are more likely to finish the task, but what happens when you don’t finish the goal on time, most people feel resentful or that they have failed to accomplish that goal.

A way to combat this is to break down goals into smaller “chunks” until the point where you can set the goals with the deadlines in order to keep you moving forward in a tangible manner towards your goal.

This will also serve as a reminder to keep going forward towards your goal and not stagnate somewhere where you are at a halt.

Many people give up on goals because they do not see how they will get to the end result; because they have not formed the necessary pathways in their mind.

However, we often fail to realize that what we are capable of accomplishing is much greater than what we believe we can accomplish.

Small task such as grabbing a cup of water when we are thirsty or preparing a meal have become very easy because we are accustomed to doing it and so many times over.

This was, at some point in you life, as a child, something very difficult to accomplish.

Remember when you were only allowed to drink from plastic cups so you wouldn’t drop and break the glass cup?

Somehow, you were able to accomplish what, at one point in your life, was a great feat.

So, with the same relation, you are also able to accomplish much greater feats in life, you just have to be hungry for it, have the determination and persistence.

Never give up.


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