Obstacles (and the removal/demolishing of)


It has come to my attention that some goals are difficult to accomplish!!!

Small goals are quick and easy (here is a list of 500 easy to accomplish goals for your pleasure), medium ones are the ones that are tough but have meaningful and tangible results (such as working out, where you can ‘feel’ the progress and witness results shortly afterwards) and the big goals are ones that trigger big changes in your life but you do not even know if you are getting any closer. Like when you want to increase traffic to your site, and you are working on a marketing plan, you have no idea whether this strategy will lead to your desired outcome (increase net worth etc.) and you may have to keep trying until you “get it right”.

The big goals are the ones worth striving for and achieving, that give you life or a sparkle in your eye. They are the goals that make the smaller ones possible. Perhaps a big goal that you have is having a family one day, you want to be the best father for your kids and a great husband; yet you do not agree with the institution of marriage completely because you think its outdated,  played out, or over rated so you need to understand and come to terms with systems of polygamy, polyamory, swinging, pimpology and the whole 10 yards! WorthyPlayboy.com

There are simply too many risks involved.

Generally speaking, optimally, having the right environment is the best for nurturing ones talents and abilities.

For me, when the going gets tough, and I don’t have anyone to turn to, all I can work with are existing concepts of sports, expertise and people who have accomplished great things like Jonny Soporno, or Frank Kern.

In the end, you have to keep going, there is no other option or alternative.

If you are privileged to know yourself at a deeper level then you can experience life more fully.

It is unfortunate that to know yourself at a deeper level is a privilege because not too many have that, and most are controlled by external stimuli.

It is also unfortunate that although you know yourself at a deeper level and know what you like and what you want, there are obstacles that we don’t always understand. For example, those that want to lose weight but continue to eat what they know won’t help them achieve that goal. Or those that want to quit smoking, yet continue to smoke.. and the list goes on of people who want something yet do the opposite.

There is light though, some do become liberated and have eliminated bad habits from their life completely; either on their own, or with getting help from others. Yet usually, you have to want to get the help yourself. One cannot force you to quit smoking, for that would be cruel even if the intention is good. The negative psychological effect of cruelty imposed by others is usually more severe on both parties. If not short term, then long term.

Or doubt, whether self-doubt or doubt that comes from others. When somebody usually has a great idea, many people come in and say, well, if that works then everybody would be doing it.

Well, we know that that’s not true because many people want abs, for example. The steps to get abs are clear, and it is proven if you follow a certain routine, you will gain abs. However, you still don’t see everybody walking around with a 6-pack. People are prone to relegate something as untrue than to believe and work at it in order to achieve it,

So, you have to remember, once you are convinced about something, and you know it works because you have formulated that it does at a previous time in your life (which is probably why you chose to begin) you should not listen to the doubt, but instead overpower it with your will to achieve your desire relentlessly.


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