Where do Thoughts Come From?


In all honesty, where do they come from?

With meditation, you can reach a thoughtless state.

Yet, at one point or another, a thought does “appear”.

I took the liberty to personally study this matter, and I will thus share my findings with you.

In a meditative state, at a heightened awareness, our senses become expounded.

So, I am able to feel sensations more deliberately.

I am also able to pinpoint where a sensation is located, for example, my left knee, face or arm.

These are questions that are asked deliberately, or it is a sensation that exists for a minuscule amount of time that I specifically pinpoint it.

However, if I go deeper, then I am able to find sensations that are there all the time, throbbing sensations, or vibrations.

Asking where that comes from, well, it is a level of being that one can become aware of if you choose to.

These sensations are always there, and usually, the only time you are aware of the existence of such “vibrations” is when you schedule a certain time of day for you to be aware of them.

Thoughts, on the other hand, also just appear, unless of course, you are one of those people that never stops thinking, then it’s one thought after the next.

The thoughts might follow a certain sequence, like when trying to accomplish something that you are familiar with accomplishing, or a more “random” approach if you are in an unfamiliar place and are trying out something new.

The more essential part of your being is that of feeling, to get away from feelings you begin to think, the first thought might be the one you get when you first wake up in the morning you look at the ceiling, you might describe that it is a white ceiling. You look outside and see that the sun is out, or not.

A feeling might follow the thought, for example, if you have associated the sun shining with a good feeling.

Then, a whole train of thought occurs, you might start thinking what it is that you need to do today, your chores, meetings, tasks, food etc.

In all cases, these thoughts are constructed due to who you have been up until today.

So, one might ask, who was involved or who has been responsible for me to have these thoughts.

That would be a more accurate question.

Like the perception of, why would you start/pursue this train of thought as opposed to another train of thought.

Perhaps it was your mother, your friend from high school, a book that you read etc. that influenced the way you think; society also forces us to think a certain way.

On a side note, that at times, there are very interesting thoughts we get, that we would love to take action on, however, due to the thought process that has been established in our minds for “respect” that we end up not doing it. For example “what will people think”?

Some people need to be mindful of what people think because they have a job and there is a certain “image” that needs to be maintained about who the person is.

These thought processes may have been ingrained by religion, family, perhaps while meaning well but ends up harming the individual.

Of course, not to be one sided, but there are some thought processes that are carried over that do seem to be productive and conductive of a healthy people and society.

If you have a life purpose then it is likely that your thoughts follow a certain path in order for you to achieve your desired outcome.

Like, if there was a mathematical problem, or any kind of problem in front of you, then it is likely that you will be preoccupied in trying to solve that particular problem, and all other thoughts about anything would seize until your desired outcome in accomplished.

So, in reality, there is unlimited “places” that your thoughts can “come” from, just like there are an unlimited places in your body that you can have a feeling, or an unlimited amount of emotions and/or intensity of emotions.

It may also be like people, where do people come from? There are an unlimited number of places that people come from, or how much they have travelled each day in order to become an object of your perception.

If you wish, leave a comment below.


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