For the past 2 weeks almost I’ve been at the psyche ward.

I have bi-polar disorder.

Now this doesn’t usually claim any reason to be admitted to the hospital, however, I had a fight wit the guy that worked there while I was waiting for my doctor and my prescription to be filled.

This is probably what triggered the incidence as it is not based on an understanding of why things happen or whose fault it really is based on the circumstances and of-course…

it gets worse when you have a problem with the whole system and most of the people who are witting froth you are suffering from it yet are oblivious o the fact that the system, an those that hold it together are both suffering from it.

Thais it for now, will keep you updated as I get more computer time.



Bedding a woman within 5 minutes of meeting her.


Since I was a child, to my mothers dismay, I’ve been a ladies man.

I wanted to, and loved to chill with and be around women.

Sadly, though, I was brought up in a strict, conservative environment that Continue reading