Gender Roles


What kind of world do we live in today?

Women are taking on the roles and positions of men, yet, do not want to accept the responsibilities that men do.

And men taking positions of women, when they simply cannot fulfil the duties and obligations like a woman can. (i.e. bear a child when taking things to an extreme).

They want to work, make money, and take leading roles in companies, yet, when it comes to the courting process, it is the biggest hypocrisy that has ever existed.

Women, ladies are the ones that are responsible for much of mens misery and sadness.

They are taking roles and positions of men in companies. They are being the judges of who to hire and who to fire with roles like Human Resources. Women have direct share in controlling the flow of money and the labour force.

We are growing up in a system where men do not know if a woman’s role is to be our girl friend/wife, or to be our mother.

Men need to be men and women need to be women?!?!

Yes, great, and now we live in a world where we don’t know what the gender roles are, and many of us have gown up in different circumstances, cultures etc. so even things that are taboo to one person is the norm for another person.

We look at other circumstances, and other people, we point fingers to justify our actions, yet we do not know the basis of why others act that way. Why they have a higher pay grade, why they treat his wife like that etc.

We look at the things that we want in others, and try to take them, not realizing that when we take something from another person, we are taking some of the negatives as well yet we try to combat that by taking pills or running debts and living excessively.

Even religion comes at play here. In the name of religion (not God) if God then it is a humans “idea” of God people have waged wars etc.

This is actually a topic that needs to be addressed crucially because the divorce rates are higher than ever, thats one thing, and if these numbers don’t matter to you, then the financial numbers spent in divorce cases might.

So, with all this change, who is ready and who is not, how can one person take on the responsibility of changing ones behaviour if we do not know the effects and consequences of our actions.

People have become so cheap, it’s unbelievable. So, for the money, women have lost their essence and their feminity, because they have taken jobs that have historically been for men. Now the men have to be “considerate” to these women, who are setting in rules based on who knows what rules and people don’t even know what respect means anymore; because, they have mothers who are guilty of the same and we have learned to be quiet for our mothers sake.

I mean, how can they sleep at night, knowing that they have taken a mans job, that they have taken his dignity and pride.

It would really be nice, if they voice, what they also want, or at least, enough with voicing what they want, because us men, we have listened. We have listened to what women want and have given them what they want.


But someone has paid the price, someone always pays the price. If not in money, legal tender, then in other forms. The scars, whether physical or buried deep within our hearts.

If you take a second to look into our eyes, you will know. You will know that we do not do this because we are boys, we do this because we are men who hold you so high because of the pleasure you are able to bestow upon us, regardless whether we are aware or not of the pleasure that we also are able to bestow upon you. The respect that is so high, that we are aware that you hold the ability to carry my seed and my future child, our future generation.

They wanted jobs, they’ve got jobs, they wanted security and independence, they have security and independence. What remains to be a mystery is in relationships and the courting process.

To come to real terms with what is “normal”, taking into account man’s wants and desires as well as the woman’s. Not what society or what we have been taught to want. For what society wants for us, or what we have been taught to want, or what is “normal” has become tainted and breeds nothing but a sick society.

It comes to a point, though, that we cannot stay quiet in this god forsaken society. That things need to be planned, because if man is to follow his urges and desires without thinking, or women, then we would be living like animals.

Where are the responsible individuals exactly? Whether men or women who are being accountable for prolonging this corrupt system where nobody wins.

Now, we have children, who are born sick because of our neglect to provide them with their needs and desires, and some are born with issues and new diseases like autism that have never been there or been an issue are “magically” here now.

In some cases, these kids aren’t even sick at all they are just not confirming to the sick society. But parents have started to believe the “other” more than their own child… Who have literally just come from God.

Who is responsible for this?

And if we don’t discuss the root issue of why this happened in the first place, so that we can prevent similar ill effects from happening again in the future, and just treat symptoms then, not only will the problem not go away, but will become bigger and bigger.

So it is much better to fix things from the start or as soon as we become aware of the problem than just putting a plaster on it and hope that it goes away without the appropriate solution.

Sometimes the solution is just as simple as a plaster, sometimes, though, we need something else.

So it is a shame that things have gotten this far and society neglected its people after designing this system. This system that keeps people wanting more and more and never having enough.

When people have an excess amount that usually goes to waste but they refuse to give until a man submits.

Let’s make the world a fun place to live and be, for humanity has worked for far too long to keep over burdening ourselves unnecessarily. Let’s experience more, go on wild adventures (sexually and otherwise 😉 ) and more.


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