Free Meditation


There are many teachers out there that teach meditation for free.

There are also many people that condemn the idea that meditation teachers should charge a fee.

I was like that too, until I myself realized that not all teachers teach the same thing.

There are teachers that do teach meditation for free, while they sustain their lives by other means.

Some teach meditation as their only occupation, and they too earn their livelihood somehow, usually by means of donation.

This is true with the case of meditation, because the nature of it is to give. Whatever truths become aware to one person, the meditator or teacher would just give it away.

Sometimes, the teacher doesn’t even recognize the value of the teaching, well, because it’s his job to research, discover and teach.

Value is usually in the eye of the beholder.

So, it becomes confusing at times, in a capitalistic society, where something is charged for everything, even time.

It is also believed that meditation does not tie in with materialism.

However, one must also understand that meditation comes in all forms, and this too is a judgement made by what one perceives meditation to be.


Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

While you are in a state of meditation, it is up toy you, and only you, to determine what is the object of your meditation.

Some meditate for peace, and calm. So what happens when you have attained peace and calm.

You may have a project at work to do, and you have no idea how to begin and reach the end product, meditation could be used as a vessel, to contemplate methods and ideas, for instance.

Meditation allows you to use more of your bodily functions than what you were able to before, whether it is your mind, body or even soul.

Eckhhart Tolle

Eckhhart Tolle

It is a time for you to sit down and reflect, on a daily basis.

Instead of completely forgetting yourself and neglecting yourself. Whether you watch tv, read a book or surf the internet. These are all things that turn you way from yourself (unless their purpose was to bring you to yourself, watch Osho.)

This is usually energy that has nothing to do with you.

Meditation allows you to sit down, be yourself, be real with yourself and get to know yourself.

So, I invite you, to take a moment, and reflect upon yourself, silently, with a deep breath; we’ll call that meditation.

But that’s not all;

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