History and Abstract


It is unbearable in these times of change where gender roles, money, business and socio economic values, thoughts and ideas are shunned within society.

That simple things like money is not even thought about or questioned even for a second.

That we take the “rules” that are dictated to us by society, our parents, or religion so seriously that we don’t even think anymore and just take things for granted and at face value.

That we also believe that when we walk the street, or the neighbour next door actually shares the same ideas and values.

Or that two people from the same nation or country do.

What some people share might be a common history.

Even that, at times, is a lie based on what source you choose to take the historical facts from.

Have you ever noticed that the word history is “His” “Story”.

So when I want to tell you about History, well then I’m telling you my story.

Well, let me make the point that I am trying to make a little clearer.

Other than the fact that we need to coin a new term: herstory.

Anyway, history is a complete sham. I will make this clear to you by shining the light on the familiar familial situation.

A family of four that include a mother, a father, a son and a daughter all get into a fight.

It gets messy and they are all very upset and they won’t talk to each other anymore.

Each member of the family, of course, thinks they are right.

So the son goes on to his friends the daughter goes on to her friends, the husband and the wife each go to their own friends respectively with their own story.

Who, in the end will determine the right story.

If anyone writes a certain story it will be based upon what one member of the family says.

There will be no one story that will do justice all members… will there?

If we choose the fathers story then the other three members will feel neglected, and will know that it’s a lie.

If the father is the most powerful one, and has managed to convince whoever is in charge of marketing the story well then, people are not getting the truth, and however they act is based on a lie.

It is the same with taking the story of any other member of the family.

The solution is to have a reputed global resource where the members have signed an agreement that they comply with the statements as “near truth”.

Or, even better, it is to forget history, and move forward.

Although it may or may not be easy task, it is best for everyone, both long term, as well as short term.



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