Laith Bliss (born Laith Salah), presently living in Yorkville, Ontario, has been avidly questioning life, ideas and beliefs that no longer suit him nor the world we live in since he was a child. Massive transformations took affect after his discovery and practice of meditation, where the veils of life unfold and tell their true story… that nothing really exists and we are all one.

Laith invites each and everyone of you to join him in his quest for enlightenment.

You must also realize that once enlightenment has been achieved, that’s when the real work begins. For as cliché as it is, with great knowledge/power comes great responsibility.

As one gains more understanding on life, the world, and the true nature of things one begins to enjoy the simpler things in life, although even simplicity is a concept and can be interpreted differently by two, three or four individuals.

The Way I Am (Interesting Facts)

  • Both of my grandparents were named Salah Ed-Din (Saladin)
  • Including my grandparents there are five people named [Saladin] in my extended family.
  • I was born in Jordan
  • I lived in Jordan only for two years (yet I’ve visited almost every summer since)
  • We still own the house I was born in.
  • Before moving to Canada I lived in two other places: U.A.E. and Qatar.
  • My favourite food is Oysters.
  • My name means Lion
  • I love cooking
  • I do not have a favourite meal to cook
  • I like the cold just as much as I like hot weather (cold weather you need warm clothes, a fire, warm food and beverages; hot weather you need swim suits, beach/pool, tropical fruits and ice cold beverages).
  • I’ve appeared in newspapers a couple of times
  • I like DIY projects
  • I also like to boss people around
  • If you boss me around, I just hope it’s for a good cause
  • Cars I like include: Laborghini, Ferrari, Pagani, Rolls Royce and Mercedes-Benz.
  • I play table-tennis hours at a time.
  • My favourite rappers are Eminem and Tupac, I relate with them the most in life; Dr. Dre is up there too as a producer.
  • My mother tongue is Arabic but my first language is English?!?
  • I am proud to be a Canadian
  • I have an inclination to fix everything.

Topics I will cover in this blog include:-

  • Meditation
    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Vipassana Meditation (Watching the breath)
    • Wealth/Health/Prosperity Meditation
  • Food/Diet
    • Aphrodisiacs (Sexy Food)
      • I will be sharing excerpts from an Aphrodisiac e-book I prepared a few years ago.
    • Macrobiotics (Healthiest Food)
    • Home Remedies
  • Relationships
    • All The marvels of relationships, from A to Z
  • BOSS Life

What I Hope to Accomplish

You know, I’ve heard this quote that goes along the lines of “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theres”.

Well, the other way is, of course, to help each other build our dreams. To synchronize it, somehow, that as I build my dream, I am helping you build yours, and vise versa.


Well, it’s simple, tell my your dreams and let’s make it happen.


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