Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness meditation can be attributed to any number of meditation aspects.

One chooses to be aware, or mindful, of a certain stimuli or the reaction of a certain stimuli. For example, when the wind blows against your skin, you are mindful of the sensation that the wind is blowing on your skin, in addition to the thought “the wind is blowing on my skin”.

The purpose of this meditation is to become aware, or more aware of your self.

One good use that may come to mind, is if you are anxious, or depressed, you can mediate, and become aware of the feelings.

We usually try everything to get away from this “different” kind of feeling with negative resolutions such as by ingesting addictive drugs, over eating, watching tv etc.

However, ignoring it in such a manner will not make it go away, mindfulness meditation helps us get in touch with these feelings (and others) and accepting them. Usually, like all energy and the natural flow of life, this energy goes away, and something new sets it.

You can’t or at least shouldn’t hold on to these feelings, the more you hold on to them the harder it is to let go. Although it may be easy at first, it is sometimes hard to let go of these feelings and/or emotions because they are, to a certain degree, chemical reactions.

The same chemical reactions that occur when you take addictive drugs.

So in essence, you are addicting yourself to certain emotions.

The sooner you let go of this addiction, the sooner you can begin living a more fulfilling life that takes advantage of all your other wonderful faculties.


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