Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Meditation doesn’t have to be dedicated to just when you are sitting down.

Other than the fact that meditation masters and gurus do not even need to sit to meditate, their whole life is a meditation.

When you are cooking, you cook, and the whole cooking process becomes a meditation.

When you are writing, you write, completely and with full awareness, and your whole writing becomes a meditation.

When you walk, you also walk with full awareness, and you are mindful of every step you take.

When you take a step with your left foot, you are completely and vividly aware of that step, as well as all the sensations that come along with it.

i.e. the more you are aware, the more you are attuned with yourself and the deeper your meditation will be. Questions to ask yourself: “Are you aware of your foot touching the ground”, and “are you aware of the movement your food is making as it touches and leaves the ground”.

You are not walking and thinking about what you are going to do when you get back home.

Or how much work you have to do tomorrow, or who you are going to message on Facebook.

No, when you are walking, you are completely in it. Noticing and being full aware of your breath, your being, your self and nothing else, not even your chores.

If you are walking, yet you start thinking, and you get carried away with your thinking, then you are not in meditation anymore. You are just all over the place.

A part of you is walking, yet you are not even aware that you are walking, and a part of you is thinking, and your thinking is more clear than your walking, then you are not meditating.

With walking meditation, you take deliberate steps.

This is how you make the most of the practice.

Sometimes, to make it ‘easier’. I say easier between quotes humorously because you make it easier in one way, yet it becomes more difficult in another way!

So to make it ‘easier’, you would only allocate, for example 10 steps. 10 steps going in one direction, and 10 steps coming back.

This is to ensure that you stay on the task at hand, and it is not just a walk of entertainment, and you can reap the additional benefits of meditation.

Here is a beautiful visual of meditation through movement. It is a video of sufi dervishes swirling. One of the objective of this meditation is to be One with God. This is done through the process of swirling until the darkish “loses himself” to God and there is no difference between Him and the Other.


2 thoughts on “Walking Meditation

  1. I’ve heard of swirling dervishes before but had never seen one in action. Is this presentation a typical amount of time that they swirl? Very interesting post. I’m filing it away for further introspection!

    • Yes, regretfully I didn’t get a change to see one live in action in Istanbul when I had a chance to a few years ago when I went there for a visit with me family.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it, I wonder what it would be like if you tried it.. better be careful though!
      As for the amount of time, they can go for hours on end, especially during practice.

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