Bedding a woman within 5 minutes of meeting her.


Since I was a child, to my mothers dismay, I’ve been a ladies man.

I wanted to, and loved to chill with and be around women.

Sadly, though, I was brought up in a strict, conservative environment that the intermingling of boys and girls was almost forbidden.

ّI mean, it wasn’t that bad; we wore high calibre fashion and went swimming together.

We didn’t touch intimately, nor have sex.

Bringing girls home was a a big no no.

This, of course, breeds un-naturalness in humans and a slight sickness in humanity.

Warning, this post is homophobic.

This sickness is now beginning to become apparent especially when people move away from the system they were brought up in.

Or, in other sense of the word, relying on your mother to find you a girl, or your family, or just plainly have your marriage arranged.

This would deem all sicknesses somewhat “normal” because these two individuals that have been raised in sexual conclusion (India comes to mind here) are just placed with each other and are basically “forced” to make the marriage work.

Well, if divorce rates are the determining factor of successful marriages then India wins by far with some statistics claiming less than 1%-Huffingtonpost (48% and 51% of marriages end in divorce in Canada and the United states respectively).

This is probably what my destiny had looked like, I mean, in my mothers eyes.

I think this is what happens when the mother wants to take supreme control over her sons life, and gets jealous when attention is given to any other female!

So, what happens after that is there is a certain aversion that happens towards girls.

So, I sucked badly with girls in high school. I would spend hours on end on the phone each day, and chatting online with girls yet doing nothing.

Oh, how much I wish my mother would have interfered and told me what the fuck I was doing, and what it is I wanted like she interfered with EVERYTHING else in my life.

And maybe leant a hand.

This was in Canada too.

So all throughout my high school I didn’t get laid (I remained a virgin).

I didn’t even have a date for prom.

There was no proper guidance, and I’m still holding the cultural/religious/my moms baggage from all the countries I had come from.

Like my dad was there, can’t he be like “wtf are you doing, get a date for prom” I mean, he manages to comment on everything else about my life and knows how to make me feel like complete shit.

I mean, he’s a man.. Isn’t he? Doesn’t he know .. how to raise a fucking child?

So, part of what I was doing while I was in university is figuring out how to communicate with women.

I mean, these is a desire to be with them. I personally enjoy being with women, most of them anyway.

Whether they’re talking to me, or they’re listening to what I have to say.

Sex is, of course, sex.

There is no other feeling in the world that could match it.

Except, of course, heroine.

So, in all cases, during my university days I picked up a book called “Double Your Dating” by a dating expert named David DeAngelo.

He taught the concept of Cocky & Funny.

That was good, the reactions that I had from girls at the time was completely different, and they were laughing at the “funny” aspects of my jokes.
That felt good.

Of course, with time, just having girls laugh at what I was saying wasn’t enough.

So I went to more and more teachers to teach me how to basically “get” sex from woman.

I think the idea of going to prostitutes at the time didn’t come to mind because “we” also wanted a relationship with a “real” woman.

To get to where I am today, after having a few relationships, a fuck buddy, 1 night stand at the airport hotel and a psychic I find myself still eager to satisfy my sexual appetite.

Who are my next targets? Playboy bunnies.

They’re tall, they’re sexy and they’ve got personality…… to say the least.

So, what this “practice” of going around and picking up women does, or is “supposed” to do, is give you the chance to be with the women you would like to be with.

I mean, you could have just spotted the girl that you like, took her home and slept with her, but for some it’s not so easy just because of the way they were raised, or their upbringing.

Like even if you live alone now, yet you weren’t allowed to bring girls back home as a child then it might still be difficult for you to do it now just because of the negative associations with that.

This will be especially true if you still have attachments with your parents, such as, they pay for the place you live in now.

This would probably make it even harder on you because you may feel the need to “respect” them.

Of course, this all happens on a subconscious level. All you are probably aware of is the shame, pain, or guilt that may be associated with interacting with women.

However, this is all for a bigger picture. One that may include a family. One that looks exactly like how you picture it.

I come from a background of Shaikhs. People who have upwards of 60 wives and many kids from each. This is beyond even the allocated 4 wives in the Quran.

So, it has been a crazy adventure with the pickup community. Today, I don’t even know if I have been negatively or positively influenced by it because I believe that somehow things could have been much easier.

Wishing you all the best in attaining what is truly good for you and hopefully the world around you.


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