Communication Between the Sexes


Since time, the roles of men and women have changed. We need to communicate and redefine what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman in order to sustain healthy, prosperous lives for our generation as well as generations to come.

Reflecting on modern history, business positions that were once only available to men have become available to women as well.

This has, in turn, changed the roles that men and women take in day-to-day life. Women have become more independent, so they needn’t rely on men, females have also taken jobs and positions where they are their male counterparts superiors.

The result of this is things that used to make sense at one point in the past, and laws, traditions etc that were at one point the holy grail of relationships now needn’t exist. Vast resources are being wasted due to the “conflicts” between men and women.

Historically, women had only one or two roles to play, mostly that of an at home caregiver, men were responsible for building the house, getting the food and in more modern times the money.

It was not because men were/are superior to women. Hunting required muscles, strength and endurance, properties that only men used to have, or properties that are more in tune with the physical qualities of the man.

Today, we hear much talk about respect; respect and boundaries. If one is conscious enough to realize that, for society as a whole, these are blurry lines. There are many reasons for this, mainly due to the exposure and intermingling with various different cultures, ideas and beliefs.

Due to the different circumstances of our environment and who we were, we learned to adapt in the best way possible in order to survive.

Those that have been exposed to different cultures, too, will realize the different roles and gender identities men and women take. These gender differences were taken on naturally as a product of their immediate environment.

The roles are not taken based on what the feminists believe women, for example, should be or how they should act, but, instead, these roles are taken based on necessities. The necessities to survive and prolong life in the best way possible as opposed to competing with one another.

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