Meeting New People (Including Makeout Scene!)


Meeting new people gives a new dimension to life; sometimes you get to know yourself so much better when you do so.

When you’ve been living in a certain way for so long, you start to take things for granted. You do things, and they become routine. When you meet someone new, and they take interest in you and it’s like starting a new life. Sometimes, as you explain yourself, you think about the things that you are doing, and why you do them.

This, oftentimes, results in immediate change in yourself for the better.

Of course, this is a generalization.

This is a generalization for people who are constantly looking for ways to better themselves.

People sometimes are surprised when others change, some people view it as a positive thing and some not. Yet, change, in nature is inevitable. Everything changes. The weather changes, night-time changes to daytime everything does.

I believe that those who excel in life, are those that adapt to change the most. For holding onto things is not natural, and thus is unhealthy.

It is also difficult at times, though, when meeting others, because sometimes there is a clash in the ways we think, or what we believe.

Especially, when one is going through transformations.

There is also the management of expectations

Meeting new people is an art form.

It’s an art form because it needs to be painted perfectly.

Usually, when I speak of meeting new people, I speak of meeting somebody from the opposite sex.

I mean, I meet a girl at the coffees shop, I ask her how she’s doing and she says she’s fine.

Wonderful, “you look really cool, I would love to sit down with you and get to know you a little better”

Great, picture looks crisp.

We sit down, we have a nice chat, we laugh, we smile at each other for no reason when theres a silence.

Damn, we really connected.

She says she’s got another two hours to spare, I say great, lets head over to my place and so we can make.

Awesome, she agrees hesitantly until I insist that it’s going to be fun… like she doesn’t know this already.

So we come back to my place and we make out.

This happens instantly as, in my suite, my couches are arranged in a way that if we both want to sit, we’d be facing away from each other. It’s a nice set up for when I’m alone at home, I can choose which view I want to have and sit the way I want.

When a girl comes over, it’s great, because theres nothing to do but get right down to business, no awkward silence, conversation or anything,

I usually like to leave those things till the end, I believe it is more real that way. We’ve seen each other naked, now let’s be totally fucking honest with each other.

Anyway, I start out slow, slowly moving towards a kiss with a smirk on my face. She closes her eyes and then BAM kiss right there on the cheek.

No, I’m kidding, I actually kiss her beautiful, soft, moist, delicate lips.

I take my time, I always like to take my time when I’m kissing a girl. It’s like I’m getting to know her all over again.

I gauge her reaction when I kiss certain parts of her lips, and when our tongues meet, I like to delicately message hers with mine.


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