Aphrodisiac: Oysters


Oysters are one of the masters of completely natural aphrodisiac foods and are highly recommended. Packed with Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids, such as D-­aspartic acid and N-­methyl‐D-aspartate, which are rarely found in nature.

Zinc is, of course, a mineral important in increasing sperm count and production of the male hormone, testosterone. There are studies that show that a hormone, dopamine, which is responsible for increasing libido, is also present in oysters.

Oysters, when enjoyed with your partner, can set the mood for a very sexual and sensual night.

Additional Benefits of Oysters:

  • Oysters provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals, all in a high-protein, low-fat, and low-cholesterol delightful exotic food. Oysters are the most concentrated form of natural source of zinc.
    • Zinc is essential to maintaining a strong immune system; it supports wound healing, maintains the senses of taste and smell, aid in energy-production, DNA repair and cardio-respiratory functioning.
    • The protein found in oysters is high in tyrosine, an amino acid used by the brain to help regulate mood and adapt to stress
    • Oyster help maintain collagen and elastin fibers that give skin its firmness and help to retain its elasticity and prevent/onset sagging and wrinkles

Oysters are probably the food most associated with being an aphrodisiac and most people are aware of their reputation for increasing sexual desire. Oysters may be thought as an aphrodisiac because of their high zinc content and tyrosine (an amino acid) which helps boost the sex drive.

Raw Oysters could be served with a glass of chilled Champagne for a truly romantic meal!

Interesting fact: Casanova ate dozens of oysters daily and they are being responsible for clearing out the gulf oil spill.


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