The aromatic cardamom is another ancient herb attributed to increased sexual excitement.

  • Cardamom is mostly used as spice for food, especially from the Far East, but Arabs have long used it and is also considered as an aphrodisiac
  • A potion is made by breaking down the plant seeds in hot water.
  • In many cultures where coffee is a staple in social gatherings, cardamom is an essential ingredient in coffee. For Arabic coffee, seeds are ground and added to coffee grounds before brewing. In Bedouin tradition, cardamom pods are placed in the spout of the coffee pot so just the right amount of cardamom flavor is added as the coffee as is being poured. This is done as part of the hospitality traditions within these cultures.
  • This may be a reason why coffee is mixed with cardamom and served in social occasions, as it allows for a more harmonious and relaxed atmosphere and gathering.
  • Cardamom is also very high in cineole, which can increase blood flow to your penis.

Beware, when taken in excess can also have ill effects.


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