Oil Money


There is oftentimes stigma associated with the Arabian oil money. That when people see the advancements that have occurred in places such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Doha, that it is not to be respected because it is all “oil money.”

This viewpoint creates a negative effect on some people. Like becoming an advanced nation because a resource that is valuable worldwide is a bad thing. Well, thats capitalism for you.

Much of the area where the oil comes from is dessert land, land that is unfit for agricultural use.

While other nations of the world (specifically first world nations) have historically used natural resources that was available due to their their land resources for capital growth and the building of their nations, the Arabs were “patiently” waiting for something to happen, their redemption, per se.

They miraculously found oil while looking for water, and their patience for all those years in being behind finally paid off.

Some of these cities did not exist more than 30 years ago, however, the skyscrapers are just the tip of the iceberg of the rich culture and heritage that is buried beneath them.

Oil was discovered big money was made and they have excelled in modern architecture, banking luxury and refinement far greater than many other places in the world.

The Gulf workforce comprises mostly of expatriate workers, as the locals there own most of the land, and own at least 51% of your company. Their responsibility could entail just that, or more, depending on your contract. The liability of almost every company there is a limited one.

Everyone there, except for the locals, have a limited stay visa. Everyone must leave at some point as you cannot immigrate nor become a citizen of an Arabian Gulf country.

People from all over the world live there, and an opportunity to work and earn a worldly lifestyle is given to many people who may have otherwise not had such an opportunity in their lifespan. For example, the construction workers mostly come from India and are given food and shelter in addition to their monthly income.

Top paid executives come from various countries including from Europe, North America, The Far East, Arabia and East Asia among others.

These cities are a manifestation of the emerging human capabilities, that not only span in technological advancements, but also architectural, cultural and socio-economic advancements to say the least.


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