Battles of Life

Private Jet, Woman, Champaigne

Some people are taught to keep from telling people about their desire in order to be “polite” and “well behaved”.

They want something, and it is presented to them but they don’t take it either because they are shy, they don’t believe that it’s real or you were taught that this is what is “appropriate”.

Maybe theres something wrong with some people, because they keep saying they want something, and then, when they get it, it’s like, here, you’ve wanted this, take it, they say no to it.

Self-sabotage is what it’s called.

How do you cure self sabotage?

Do you kill whatever responsible for instilling it in you?

Or do you heal the problem from the source? And stop it from happening again, ever.

As one grows up, and becomes a man, one needs to let go of childhood traumas etc. and gain the courage one needs to do what one enjoys and get the things one desires. 

To let go of the bad experiences, punishments and hurt and to keep trying.

It may be difficult at times, if one keeps getting hurt, “How will I know it is safe this time?”

Like a child learning to walk.

Anyway, so this kind of upbringing, of course, leads to problems later on in life. I mean, they are problems when one seeks to change those ways.

As in, find better ways, or actually realizes what one wants, but has to battle through these negative associations that have been made as a child.

This is the story for most people, however they don’t realize it.

Like sometimes we actually knowingly prolong things that we don’t like nor enjoy, just because it is culture or tradition, even though this culture or tradition has become harmful to all that are involved.

There is a certain attachment to how things “are” or “were”.

Sometimes people long for the past, not realizing that they are much better off now than they were in the past.

Like, for example, here in Canada, I meet many people who say that they long for “home” and they want to go back. Or that “home” is much better.

Yet, if you actually buy them a plane ticket and send them where they want to go, it would probably not be very long before they want to come back.

Especially if where they consider “home” is a third world country.

It probably comes back to feeling deserving like I mentioned in a previous post.

Different people believe that they deserve one thing or another or that they can have this, but not have that.

Society/church/family/parents determine what was acceptable to the child at an early age, the society or the people that were around the child growing up.

However, as this child grows up, seeking a better life, there are obstacles, or demons that need to be slain.

All The Best,


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