Brain Hemispheres

It is strange that most people can only use one hand with proficiency; hence “are you right handed or left handed?”

Only about 1% of the population can use both hands with ease.

In an effort to discover more of myself and the working of my body, I decided to start using my left hand more frequently.

This exercise sparked thoughts of inferiority.

How do I have this hand, yet not know how to use it?!

It is actually very upsetting that there is very little control we sometimes have over our less dominant side of our bodies.

Usually, this is taken for granted, you can wink better with one eye, you write with one hand, and you jump mostly using one of your legs.

So, in an effort to gain more control over my entire body, I started not only using my left hand more: brushing my teeth, writing (sometimes), cutting vegetables (dangerous), standing on my left leg, I started putting more awareness on my left side.

e.g. meditating with my awareness on the left side. It is like that side is on an anesthetic!

Strangely enough, the left side of my face is actually the more dominant one, so the exercises that I do for my face are on the right side (winking, smiling on one side, making a funny face etc.).

After almost a month of doing this, I can finally feel the positive effect this has had on me and I am very much looking forward to the day where I can use both faculties equally as well.

After becoming aware of this, acutely aware I mean, I was astonished, and in wonder at how incapable humans are at using “the other side” of their body.

So I even started doing one arm pushups on occasion without exercising my dominant hand just to get the left one on par with the right one.

This will help one feel like a more complete and capable person.

If one has it, one should use it.

All The Best,


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