The Desire vs. Deserv[e/ing]


As mentioned in an earlier post, there are many obstacles that one faces while achieving his life mission/purpose. Some of these obstacles are emotional in nature.

Mind you, most, if not all, obstacles can be traced back from within a persons mindset.

Some of these emotional obstacles include feelings of guilt, another is the feeling of deserving.

In most cases, even if I hand you your life long dream right now, it is very likely that you will not accept it. I mean, you would say you would accept it, but in reality, you wouldn’t know what to do with it.

This case has been proven over and over with lottery ticket winners who spend all their money within 5 years.

There are a few reasons for this, one is because of their conditioning.

People are conditioned to act in a certain way based on their upbringing.

When confronted with something new, even if the adventure is top-notch, sooner or later, people will go back to what they are “used to” or conditioned to do.

This probably explains why we all fantasize about tropical Islands and equalizing them with paradise, yet we do not go and live there.

It does not cost much to live in a tropical Island you know. You could get by with living on a tenth of the amount of money you spend on living in a big city.

Feeling Deserving

Why do I deserve to have all this money?

Why do I deserve to drive this car or that car?

Why do I deserve to help all these people?

Why do I deserve to have a job?

Why do I deserve to feel no pain?

Why do I deserve to be happy?


Why do I deserve to have a smile on my face?

Why do I deserve to have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Why do I deserve to have sex? (This is a gender role dynamic if one person in the relationship controls the sex in order to maintain power/control within the relationship) -for example, you can only have sex if you do the chores around the house.

Why do I deserve to have relationships with sexy women? (If your a man and a relationship with sexy man if your a woman- not counting all the in-betweeners).

Why do I deserve to have people work for me?

Who do I deserve to be successful?

There are a few reasons why people feel deserving or not, of course, their familial background usually comes first. People usually follow in the footsteps of their parents and if they were not afforded some things as they are young, they are more likely not to afford them when they’re older.

These dynamics of course always change, however, it is always wise to be on the lookout on why you do the things you do, and if you really want the different results in your life that you’re asking for, is it also worth your time to change for that object?


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