Respect (Explicit Content- Do Not Read)

Women Silhouettes

As a nation, we have gotten a skewed idea of what respect truly means.

This can be seen from more than one dynamic.

I will briefly discuss respect in the form of sexuality, sexual dynamics, sexual judgements etc.

Sluts, Whores, Prostitutes and Married Women

Slut- A woman who is very promiscuous and has no self respect because she gives it away for free. Mind you, she is having fun and enjoying herself (wtf right?)


Whore- A low class prostitute woman who has a little to no self-respect because she sells sex for money or material possessions.

Married Woman- A high class prostitute who sells sex for a lifetime of financial support.

Respect should be given to those that go after and get what they want, no?

Women, that do what is truly self-respecting, which is having sex, because it feels good, natural etc. is usually shunned, and is called a slut in a deprecating way by other women.

It is actually not the men that view them negatively. Most men would be all over sluts (although the issue comes up with marriage, which is based upon their own insecurity), the battle is actually women with women.

So in reality, when you hear the old stigma that “How come studs are looked highly upon but sluts aren’t” and you hear things like “it’s not fair” and that theres double standards.

It is not men that are creating these double standards, today, but women.

In all cases, getting back to the point, that if you really think about things, married women and prostitutes are the same.

Except, one is on a “contract” for the night, the other is on a contract for life, supposedly, essentially.

It’s like owning a car vs. renting it.

You rent the car, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, the oil changes taking care of it etc. it is the duties and responsibilities of the rental company, and the cost is fixed, there are no hidden charges to the renter.

When you own a car, when you get married, then you’ve got all these commitments. You have to take care of the car, do the maintenance, do oil changes, buy spare parts and everything.

Not that theres anything negative about owning a car, whether it’s brand new, or used; or renting one, for that matter.

Of course your wife isn’t going to be happy when there are sluts around and you’re not being responsible. Riding the bus when you’ve got a car, when you promised her you’re gonna ride her everyday.

So, in essence, society was built in a way to protect each other, it was done so like this at a point in the past. These institutions were put in place as a structure, or foundation for a society to be built upon it.

So, sometimes, regretfully, we act in ways for perceived respect. We mistake what is truly good for ourselves but instead, we place societies ideals and judgements above our own. Serving society is great, but what happens when it has come to a point when it does more harm than good for ourselves. Do we still allow ourselves to be pushed over for wanting to do things that actually make us to feel happy[er] and fulfilled?

What does society tell us to do, vs what we want to do. Making us feel bad by judging us negatively with slurs, for doing something that we want, that we enjoy; and what we do not do sometimes, which we know is good for us, makes us feel good, so that society does not judge us negatively, even though inside, it is what we want to do. Whose life are we living anyway?

BTW: Society, people are more productive individuals, when they are happy, and doing the things that they want to do.

Oh, and fags, no need to get married, marriage was “designed” for men with penises and women with vaginas to support family, the procreation and child bearing process.


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