Taking Responsibility


The world is in chaos.

This statement is a lie.

Although there are such things as so called natural disasters, in reality, it is not so a disaster. Nature just takes its course, yet, sometime the outcome for people is a disaster. So a more appropriate term is an “unnatural disaster” because people choose to be in places or situations that are opposing nature.

For example, most people today look for immediate relief, or instant gratification. Instant gratification is something that is non-existent within nature.

If you wanted fruit of a different kind, for example, you would have to get the seeds first, plant your tree, and wait for the flowering to take place. This may, at times, take years.

People today …

So, while one is waiting, for the fruits of that tree to come, other than tending the crops, one must always be satisfied with what you already have.

You get more, because that is our nature, the nature of animals is to reproduce and expand and become more, and the same is true with trees, they pollinate and expand, also reaching new territories.

It is our responsibility to choose wisely where we locate, we must communicate with the environment around us, and use reason to justify our actions.

In the same way we take care of our selves, we must take care of the world around us.

Even making that statement, I am hesitant, because, how well are we taking care of ourselves, really?

How much are we even allowed to take care of our selves?

It seems that for most of us the only time we get to cure ourselves is when it is too late, we provide our selves with the luxuries and rest only when we get sick.

For me, I’m the kind of person that treats myself with natural remedies when I get sick as much as I can.

For example, I cook soup with multiple vegetables and eat it on a consistent basis for the duration of the illness. I wonder, on those days, that if this soup is making me feel this good, and bringing me back to health when I’m feeling ill, then why do I not eat this way year round, and enjoy superior health, and minimize my chances of getting ill again all together?

Most people do not realize this, however, when they look at the composition of food, you only look at the vitamins and minerals, and choose to judge the vegetable/fruit or any food item based on what the label says solely.

Yet are you aware that there are so many other properties of food that you are unaware of. Such as, it being a root vegetable, like an onion or a carrot or one that grows right above the ground  like a parsley or leafy greens like kale; and to operate at a most efficient level, you need to combine different vegetables that have been grown in these different environments in order to maintain your soundness.

Some people choose to become vegetarian because they don’t want to to torture animals.

Well, have you thought that maybe it’s the method that we are growing them, and that it could be more torturous to the animals not to eat them.

The animals are there, lets take a cow, for example, the human being finds the cow, and needs to make a livelihood anyway. So he milks the cow. He takes care of the cow and as well, provides it with food, nourishment, care and protection.

In return for this, as compensation for the farmers effort, the cow gives itself to the farmer. The cow doesn’t have any money to pay the farmer for this love, so it gives itself.

On the other hand, if the farmer doesn’t take care of this cow, then the cow could live a life of danger and fear, and will probably be eaten by another animal and not be able to take care of its young, or even risk it’s young.

So even with animals, we must be grateful and when we choose to go vegetarian, because we want to stop the torture of animals, if you really do care, then there are by far better means to stop this than depriving yourself of nourishing food, food that makes you better and stronger, when eaten consciously and in moderation (unlike the excess of meat that is consumed by the mainstream that leads to various diseases.)

It is the selfish and greedy institutions that are torturing the animals that need to be changed. Those that do not care for the wellbeing of the animals, and grow them in unsound, unnatural and unhealthy environment. It is them that need to be boycotted not the poor animals. For it is more cruel to deprive an animal of its purpose and it is much more noble to make better human beings.


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